Steadfast Truths for Changing Times

Steadfast Truths
for Changing Times

Our church-wide Season of Psalms begins September 3.

Our church-wide Season
of Psalms begins September 3.

Why the Psalms?

So many valuable things can be gleaned from one of the longest books in the Bible. The Psalms provide instruction and songs to lift our praise to God. But perhaps most importantly, as singer and songwriter, Matthew West points out, the Psalms help believers understand how their deepest and strongest emotions fit in a relationship with God.

Many believers today find themselves in churches where they are judged for displaying anything besides absolute peace and contentment—anger, fear, and even grief should be concealed behind a “brave face.” But then comes the question: if those more intimidating emotions are not appropriate to express, are they acceptable to feel? The psalmists experienced the full spectrum of human emotion and poured it all out to God with no restraint—words to flesh out the invisible and overwhelming. Dan B. Allender calls it “ruthless honesty [that] compels us to look beyond the surface of our tumult, deeper into our soul, where we expose our battle with God.”
From a article by Caroline Madison


Our Daily Bible Reading Plan through the Psalms, beginning September 3, is designed to get everyone on the same page—literally. By studying and praying through the Psalms, you'll be able to recall the sound advice during life's ups and downs.

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