At East Pointe Baptist CHurch, 

We are Making Disciples for Christ

The disciple-making process is not a one-time decision, but an ongoing and ever changing experience in which we are made more like the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Growing, Worshipping, Serving, Connecting, and Sharing with one another at East Pointe, we believe we will continue to look more like Christ


At East Pointe, we believe that discipleship is one of the fundamental roles of the Church. Our primary form of discipleship is in our Sunday School classes. Beginning at 9:30am on Sundays, you can experience fellowship within a community of believers, dynamic biblical teaching from our well-equipped teachers, and personal growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ. All of our Sunday School classes are welcoming and open to guests, so come and join us this Sunday!


Worship is essential to our discipleship. Scripture teaches us that all of life is worship so we encourage our members to live a lifestyle of worship throughout the week. We also encourage our members to spend time regularly in personal and family worship. Our main worship event is a blended style worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Following the opening song children are dismissed to their own worship time.


Serving Christ is a primary way we mature as disciples. We encourage our members to be involved in hands on, practical mission and ministry opportunities. EPBC has served and continues to serve the Lord through international, national, and local mission activities. We are also a church that serves through giving generously to missions offerings. Of course, There are always opportunities to serve through the ongoing ministries of our church.

Some of our previous mission trips were to Mexico, Guatemala, Maine, Kentucky, and north Alabama. We have also participated in ministry activities locally with the Prodisee Pantry, Fifteen Place, The Shoulder, Women's Care Medical Center, and the Alabama Baptist Children's Home.


Disciples grow best with other disciples so it is important that we personally connect with each other. Connection opportunities are available through all of our ongoing ministries but there are also additional opportunities to connect with each other. Some of these connection opportunities are listed below and you can scroll to the bottom of this page for upcoming connect opportunities:

Children and Families

Some of our connection opportunities for children and families are our Easter Eggstravaganza, Summer Kids Camp, Fall Fest, and our participation in the Spanish Fort Christmas parade.

Senior Adults

Our senior adults meet on the first Thursday of every other month, at 11:30am, for a meal and fellowship.


Our students connect with each other through meeting together and studying the Word and fellowshipping with one another on Wednesday and Sunday Nights.


Members of all age groups connect with each other through music at East Pointe through choirs for adults, youth and children. Our choirs give opportunities for those called to sing and play instruments to lead our congregation and community in worship.


Sharing our faith in Christ is another essential part of growing as a disciple. Our own discipleship journeys began when someone shared Christ with us. We want to share Christ with others because He is the only way to eternal salvation. When a person receives Christ as Savior the discipleship journey begins.

We share Christ in three ways. First, we share Christ through our ongoing ministries. Secondly, we share Christ through church events such as our Kids Camp and Sportsman's Supper. Finally, we offer opportunities for our members to learn how to share Christ as part of their discipleship lifestyle.